Oceanides Backstage Video

On October 10, 2018 Dim Vach launched his new videoclip "Oceanides".

Today, a year later, we are proud to present to you an anniversary backstage video that includes significant moments from the shooting. The official clip was shot in Chios Island.

"The Oceanides were sea nymphs. Guardians of fountains, rivers and seas…

Presently, they appear in Chios and guide us through past times, marked by history and people transformed into memories, within a natural setting where the scent of the sea is infused with the scent of masticha and modern life.

Following the rhythm of Dim Vach…"

Written, arranged and produced by Dim Vach.

Shot in Chios.

Video Directed by Dimitris Vachaviolos & Alexis Stefos (DOT. Production House).

String Quartet :

Violin : Georgia Apostolidi

Violin : Dimitris Melachroinoudis

Viola : Fotis Pezos

Cello : Dimitra Chaliori - Tympa

Jewellery : Kakuru

Clothes : Dimitrios Ordoulidis

Cast : Marialena Kampani, Dea Zotai, Despoina Antali, Dimitra Michala


“The moments we share are the moments we keep forever”