annual video presentation

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Galaxias is a supermarket chain in Greece, established in 1982. Its corporate name is PENTE SA and it is headquartered in Athens. Today Galaxias have 156 Supermarkets with 13 Cash & Carrys and employ 3,800 employees, approximately half located in the greater Athens area and half in the rest of the country. Galaxias is the tenth biggest supermarket chain in Greece according to market share.

The video was made to be played in a 500 person movie theater at Mall Village Cinemas to the annual presentation of Galaxias.

What we are asked to do:
Video Script & Animation - Sound Design, Voice Over Recording, Mixing & Mastering

art direction

“Be a voice, not an echo” ― Albert Einstein


“Filmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes” ― Robert Altman


“Stopping advertising to save money is like stoping your watch to save time” ― Henry Ford