music video

Dim Vach feat. Anna Tarba

This is how we started. This was the first official video release for DOT in March 2018.

Dim Vach’s debut album is all-encompassing, comprising of different kinds of compositions, dispositions, soundscapes and experimentations. Never latching onto one particular genre or style and using rough and weird sounds, voices and sound artefacts, it deals with redefinition as a social phenomenon that does or should take place in all aspects of human life.

Written, arranged and performed by Dim Vach. Lyrics written and performed by Anna Tarba.

Video directed and curated by Dimitris Vachaviolos & Alexis Stefos.

Cast :
Aris Plios
Efi Papanikou
Anna Tarba
Tasos Tyrovolas
and our little friends Kiriaki & Giannis M. :)

Bar Location : Rockwood - Athens

What we are asked to do:
Pre Production - Repérage - Cast - Shooting, Video Editing, Coloring

art direction

“Be a voice, not an echo” ― Albert Einstein


“Filmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes” ― Robert Altman


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