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Get to know us

Sometimes words do not do justice to things whereas image and sound may speak louder than them. Watch our reel and take a glimpse of our portfolio. 

Leading Team Members

Literally always at the studio. If you run into him, by any chance, you are likely to find him editing a video at the most ungodly hours.  Whenever he happens not doing that, he may be watching video tutorials pertaining to sound and image editing or he may be just watching films. If a music track holds his attention, it is very likely to be listened to for days on end. It would be difficult for him to change the DAW he works with as well as his setup during image editing.  If you enter the studio with him you may very well be impressed by his speed; he is one of the fastest editors (especially when it comes to sound editing). His editing experience comprises no less than 5,000 master copies in the last two years.  At a filming session his favourite motto is “let's do it again” since he believes that artistic and professional perfection can be achieved through meticulous attention to detail.  In his spare time (if he should happen to have such a thing) he occupies himself with fast and big-capacity motorcycles or he may be found at some quaint downtown bar since he sometimes cannot sleep a wink.
(Do not worry though, he becomes an absolute teetotaller when he is about to drive.)

He is the soft power of DOT. He is the person that organises the workflow so that everything may be in running order. His research is always so accurate and well-organised that it almost attains the level of artistic perfection. He is the kind of person that looks out for you and will retort “I told you so” if you have not taken heed of his instructions. He has collaborated with a great number of musicians from both Greece and abroad; his work has constituted part of well-known foreign compilation albums, representing one of the most eclectic, avant-garde strands of contemporary music.  He is an an expert user of equipment and specs; with him by your side, nothing can go awry at a filming session. He is a fan of good music and acoustics as well. In his leisure time we do not actually know what he is up to; however, he is very likely to be found at a studio, recording, mixing or experimenting. He is very keen on taking leisurely walks and wandering through the Athenian streets and neighbourhoods. He is very fond of city scenery that can be used for filming purposes.
(You are well advised against going out with him since the equipment is too heavy.) 

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